Why your site needs DMCA Ignored Hosting?

Every new site today needs DMCA Ignored Hosting/DMCA Ignored VPS/DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server.  The need for DMCA Ignored Hosting is increasing each and everyday. This is due to the false and illegitimate use of DMCA! Many people believe that DMCA ignored hosting is used for hosting illegal content but that is not the truth.  We have listed down the reasons as to why your site needs DMCA Ignored hosting!


Prevent Downtime!

Most of the US based web hosting providers and hosting providers in most other countries choose to follow DMCA! Hosting providers in the US are forced to follow DMCA as the law is created there. Many a times competitors or people who do not like your site might want to get you down. This is a common malpractice which the bad guys use. They submit false DMCA abuse report that the content is stolen or copied or taken in an illegal way and most of the hosting providers either give you 24 hours to resolve the abuse report or immediately suspend your service and thus get you downtime! But a DMCA ignored hosting provider ignores these false abuse reports.

DMCA Ignored Hosting For your Privacy!

Your Privacy Matters!

DMCA Ignored Hosting For your Privacy

You may prefer to go to a big US based web hosting provider who follows DMCA but at the cost of what? Your Privacy!

Many new web hosting providers do not have much knowledge about DMCA and the legal world. Many of the new hosting providers get scared when they first receive a DMCA abuse report. And sometimes the person submitting fake DMCA abuse report even asks for the personal details of the client. The hosting provider not knowing much about the legal world many a times even provides your personal data!

If you are someone who cares a lot about his or her privacy then DMCA Ignored Hosting is the right choice for you!

Negative Impact at your SEO!

If you are running a business or a store or blog or anything, you must be knowing that to get a high rank on google, backlinks are very important.

Many competitors play a dirty trick by getting your best backlinks removed by giving fake DMCA notices. This is a reason as to why others who link your content to their own site also need to use DMCA ignored hosting.

Here is an example provided by Semrush!

In this example a competitor submit false DMCA abuse reports to get the positive high quality backlinks of his competitor removed and get his competitor’s site deranked!

You can read more about it on https://www.semrush.com/blog/what-is-negative-seo/#:~:text=Negative%20SEO%20is%20any%20malicious,for%20automated%20spammy%20link%20building.

dmca negative seo

Freedom of Speech!

Unfortunately, in many countries, freedom of speech is not respected. A lot of content is censored and is not allowed to be viewed by the public. North Korea and China top the list! Citizens of China are disconnected from the rest of the world. The government of China wants its citizens to act like robots controlled by them. They are tracked and watched everywhere. Some of the other countries include EritreaCubaUzbekistanSyria, and Belarus..

Most of the DMCA Ignored hosting providers like us (Flaunt7) respect freedom of speech and our government does that too which is why we never censor any content which is related to freedom of speech!

Recently, we had a case in which a school review website in turkey had received a takedown notice from local lawyers and the site was hosted with Digital Ocean . The site was taken down from Digital Ocean even though they were posting genuine reviews of the schools. Later, the owner of the site got to know about us and now his school reviews website is successfully running with us.

Hosting Movie, Streaming, Anime and Games Website!

As DMCA is a policy of the US, we choose not to follow DMCA. You are free to host your movie, streaming, games, adult websites freely with us.

DMCA Ignored VPS or  DMCA Ignored Hosting?

If you are looking to migrate your site to a DMCA ignored hosting provider like Flaunt7 then you must be wondering whether you need DMCA Ignored Hosting or a DMCA Ignored VPS.

The questions is simple. If you have a new website  or a small website which doesn’t use much traffic, it is recommended to start with shared hosting.

You might ask which plan you should choose but it depends on many factors like site traffic, CPU/RAM usage of scripts, disk and bandwidth requirements etc. You can upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan anytime without downtime or service interruption. If you are not sure which plan will be most suitable for you, we recommend to start small and scale your way up.

Here are some of the DMCA Ignored services which Flaunt7 offers!

DMCA Ignored Hosting 

DMCA Ignored VPS

DMCA Ignored Dedicated Servers

DMCA Ignored Adult Hosting

DMCA Ignored WordPress Hosting

DMCA Ignored Hosting Doesn’t mean hosting illegal Content

Many a times people think that DMCA ignored hosting is used for hosting illegal content. But this is not the truth. Sending spam,  or hosting phishing or a fraud site is strictly prohibited!

If you are looking for hosting these types of content then you need to look for a bulletproof hosting provider. Bulletproof hosting providers openly host illegal content and this is not allowed in every country. This is the reason these illegal bulletproof hosting providers survive only for a few years and then later get lawsuits and have to close their business.

You can take the example of CyberBunker! Read https://www.datacenterdynamics.com/en/news/police-raid-nato-bunker-data-center-used-illegal-activities/

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