Softnet Hosting Review (2022)

Around here at HostingPill, we have an unusual fixation on finding obscure or stowed away facilitating administrations that generally pass under individuals’ radars.

The thing about finding these intriguing facilitating administrations is to know pretty much everything there is to know about them and afterward giving you important ideas.

For instance, take a gander at the help that we as of late found: Softnet Hosting. It’s from Kenya, Africa and takes special care of every private company and business people inside as well as outside its lines.

Presently, you could think, “Presently why in the world would I purchase a server as far as possible in Africa!?” Well, don’t rush to pass judgment. In this survey we have spread out each great and awful part of Softnet, so you can decide on it.

So with practically no further ado, how about we make a plunge will we?

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Softnet Hosting Review: Pricing and Features
Alright, in this way, one of the experts of utilizing an unfamiliar facilitating administration is that you get the benefit of the money contrast which implies there’s an opportunity you can get more elements with less cost.

Website composition _ Domain Registration in Kenya _ Softnet Solutions Ltd

Since we don’t utilize Kenyan Shillings, USD will be our inclination. We should start with the ‘Standard’ plan which is around $10/year that gives you 25GB of plate space however no real way to be aware assuming this is HDD or SSD. Also, yes that is $10 yearly, too the wide range of various plans are as well.

Then, at that point, the arrangement has limitless transmission capacity, limitless email accounts, limitless information bases, account control board (which is WHMCS), and every minute of every day client service. Strangely they referenced the following restoration expenses which is around $14.

Continuing on toward the well thought out plan, there’s very little change in highlights here than the plate space you’re getting which is 35GB and the arrangement costs about $19/year.

Likewise, the ‘High level’ plan is $28.23/year, the circle space is expanded up to 45GB plate space and similar elements as in the past. The circle space might have been exceptional right now yet…

…the last arrangement absolutely does. The ‘Limitless’ plan has limitless circle space and the wide range of various limitless elements at around $94/year which is absolutely exaggerated frankly.

On the whole, the plans appear to be evaluated strangely as would be considered normal however the highlights are fair, and thus even recommendable.

See Softnet Hosting full valuing here…

Softnet Hosting Review: Customer Support
Finding support during a troublesome episode can be fundamental. A few fledglings particularly end up not knowing what they’re doing and cause a chain of issues that wind up crashing the site. Thus, the requirement for good client care is generally useful in any case on the off chance that you’re a novice or master.

live visit

Live visit support is viewed as the most solid approaches to finding support as fast as could be expected. You can likewise append screen captures of your concern to more readily explain your concern to the visit delegate and get goal.

live visit

We chose to test Softnet’s visit administration and posted an inquiry. It’s an inquiry concerning the uprightness of their servers.

live talk

We got a reaction nearly when we posed an inquiry which is great on Softent’s part. The responsiveness is great. The response was laid out plainly too.

Submit Ticket – Softnet Solutions Ltd

Then, there’s the undeniable tagging framework arrangement where you can just post your specific subtleties, momentarily depict your inquiry, and append any vital pictures to get better help.

Presently, we likewise had a go at searching for a Knowledge Base to find and peruse articles when clients feel lost with the given data, yet there wasn’t any and that is a piece badly designed. In any case, the client care is somewhat palatable.

Softnet Hosting Review: Ease of Use
Web Hosting_ Affordable, Cheap and Best facilitating organization in kenya-Softnet

Generally, WHMCS backs most of Softnet. It’s probably the case that the buying and charging process goes through WHMCS and tapping on ‘Request Now’ does likewise also.

Shopping basket – Softnet Solutions Ltd

As you can see here, there are 3 choices for facilitating administration bundles to browse. The only one missing is the one with 25GB circle space we referenced previously.

Shopping basket – Softnet Solutions Ltd

Choosing an arrangement then, at that point, prompts you to the following page where you can decide to enroll another space for your site, move one from another recorder, or pick a current one.

Shopping basket – Softnet Solutions

Then, at that point, there’s one last gander at all that you’ve chosen. You can choose assuming the charging cycle must be yearly, biennially, or every third cycle.

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