MilesWeb Review (2022)

MilesWeb is an Indian Web Hosting Company with over 10,000+ clients around the world. It has WordPress, VPS, Reseller, Magento, Dedicated and Cloud facilitating administrations. They take care of little and enormous organizations.

MilesWeb began in 2012. From that point forward, they have obtained a great deal of foothold by winning many honors and large clients.


Their clients incorporate Kotak Mahindra Bank, ETMoney, ExpressInn and Searchengine Guru.

Anyway, is it right to believe that MilesWeb can follow through on the entirety of its commitments no matter what its size?

Could it at any point give you ‘The Best Bang For Your Buck’?

All things considered, that is the thing we’ll cover in this audit today.

How about we make a plunge, will we?

MilesWeb Review: Uptime
Uptime decides the time that the server your site runs on stays working.

More personal time can mean less possibilities of individuals having the option to get to it.

On the off chance that the clients can’t open your site, that is a lost an open door.


MilesWeb offers an uptime assurance of 99.95%. As indicated by SLA Uptime Calculator, this would mean margin time of:

Day to day: 43.2s
Week after week: 5m 2.4s
Month to month: 21m 54.9s
Yearly: 4h 22m 58.5s
That’s right, that is very nearly 4 and a half long stretches of free time each year.

All in all, is that something terrible?

Indeed, it is extraordinary contrasted with a couple of different administrations that offer similar highlights with more cost. However, it is as yet a long ways from the opposition.

The greatest organizations in the race will generally offer a NEAR wonderful uptime score of 99.99% which put in personal time numbers:

Everyday: 8.6s
Week by week: 1m 0.5s
Month to month: 4m 23.0s
Yearly: 52m 35.7s
That is a distinction of more than 3 hours contrasted with MilesWeb’s 99.95%.

So to the extent that uptime goes, MilesWeb is noticeably flawed however certainly adequate.

MilesWeb Review: Pricing and Features
Things on the estimating side are somewhat merciful with MilesWeb. As referenced above, MilesWeb is one of the most reasonable facilitating administrations on the lookout.

Getting going with their common facilitating, the norm or ‘Tyro’ plan as they call it has an enticing arrangement.


With ₹60/month (or under a dollar) you get 1 site, Unlimited Bandwidth, a Website Builder, cPanel and 1GB of SSD Storage. Presently, the bummer here is no free area and 3 Databases.

Not an arrangement producer, sure, however not that terrible at the cost by the same token. You can get a running site for under the cost of a cup of espresso.

Here is a rundown of the full elements in Tyro which likewise uncovers a shortfall of addon spaces.


Yet, no doubt, the base arrangement alone won’t land you any deals. For that, you’ll require something all the more high level or the ‘Quick’ plan which has a more ideal arrangement making it work.


So ₹185/month, you truly do get a Free Domain with this one so that is great. Likewise packaged with Unlimited SSD, Unlimited Databases, Unlimited Email and cPanel + Softaculous.

The Swift arrangement appears as though a vastly improved choice contrasted with Tyro. The impediment of Databases and Email Accounts removes a great deal of adaptability.

A rundown of the full highlights uncovers a similar inaccessibility of addon spaces here too.

shared facilitating highlights

In any case, not that gigantic of an issue thinking about the cost.

However, it actually relies upon your requirement for addon spaces which might make this arrangement unacceptable for your motivation.

To take a gander at a more exceptional variant or ‘Super’ could be a more reasonable decision for thought:

milesweb: sharedhosting3

For ₹285/month, you get Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth. Counting similar highlights as the Swift arrangement. Be that as it may…

shared facilitating features1

…no limitations over addon spaces this time.

The Turbo plan is a finished lift in all perspectives with the given reasonable sticker price. No constraint on any highlights at all considering its the most elevated level arrangement.

Its firm to express that things on the Pricing side are good all around. See MilesWeb’s limitless facilitating plans and elements.

MilesWeb Review: Ease of Use
A cPanel is your headquarters while working the backend of your site. Here you invest 90% of your energy while overseeing and running your site.

The beneficial thing about MilesWeb Home page is: it allows you to experience their facilitating by means of a Live cPanel Demo.

Assuming that you go to their ‘View Plans’ page and look through to the plans. You could see a green identification saying ‘Demo’ right close to cPanel + Softaculous.

You can likewise tap the ‘Check our Live cPanel Demo’ interface underneath the evaluating table.


Tapping on either will open another tab in your program with the name ‘cPanel – Main’. This implies it’s a live cycle running on a server.

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