iPage Review (2022)


iPage is one of those has that the conventional individual probably won’t be aware of, yet which is really legitimate to those in the facilitating scene.

It’s a veteran in the facilitating scene, being established in 1998.

Furthermore, what’s considerably more noteworthy?

It’s one of the greater hosts around, supporting more than a MILLION sites.

Yet, regardless of its prevalence, I don’t hear much said about iPage in the facilitating scene.

Also, guess what?

I know why that is.

I actually think iPage is a misjudged have deserving of many people groups’ thought. On the whole, we should investigate perhaps the main thing:

iPage Review: Uptime
Uptime — and likewise, execution — is a fundamental component you want to consider in the event that you’re an imminent client.

I figure uptime may be one reason why iPage isn’t more talked about.

Look at this:

ipage uptime

Reaction Time
Note: We never again screen Uptime for our iPage test site.
Out of 16 months of testing, just 5 had 99.99% uptime or above, and just 3 had 100 percent uptime. So around 50% of the months had LESS than 99.99%.

Of those, we dipped under what I think about norm: 99.95%.

I know all the 9’s make these numbers look high. In any case…

August’s 99.92% uptime implied THIS:

It was DOWN for 34 MINUTES.

Furthermore, assuming you’re selling stuff, or simply getting hit with expanded measures of traffic, that can be dangerous.

Obviously, not every person will find uptime similarly significant. What’s more, that month was a special case, not a standard.

So the uptime probably won’t be so terrible, isn’t that so?

Oh goodness. There’s another issue:

The reaction times. These are WAY higher than whatever I think about a decent speed.

Also, they’ve just deteriorated starting around 2019 started.

So this is my general take:

The uptime is in general respectable, however not sufficient to be viewed as truly dependable, and the reaction times are poor.

Fortunately for iPage, uptime is significant, however by all accounts not the only significant thing:

iPage Review: Ease of Use
Convenience is of differing significance to everybody, except one thing’s without a doubt: has need to have in any event some degree of ease of use, and normally the more, the better.

Indeed, even profoundly progressed clients stand to profit from a UI that saves them time. Also, amateurs, obviously, need a point of interaction that makes it simple for them to accomplish anything work should be finished.

So how does iPage pile up?

It’s fine. In reality, iPage is probably the most straightforward host to utilize.

This is mostly on the grounds that something really stands out about iPage’s controls:


“On the off chance that you really want a quick and adaptable devoted waiter, iPage offers an extremely strong choice. Whether you’ve grown out of your past host, or realize you have bigger than-normal necessities, iPage takes care of you without burning through every last cent.

Based on the organization’s cloud innovation, server assets are provisioned in a flash and relocation is consistent. In the event that you are uncertain assuming you require a devoted server, you can begin with a VPS choice and quickly increase to a committed choice. What’s far superior is that iPage doesn’t charge overage expenses assuming you go over your arrangement, in light of the fact that nobody needs to be rebuffed for getting famous.

People who are new to facilitating ought to be satisfied to hear that iPage offers completely oversaw help for devoted servers, including admittance to all the most recent advancement apparatuses and dialects. This incorporates assist with the arrangement of Apache, MySQL, Email, DNS, and different projects, to save you time and exertion. Every server runs on CentOS and incorporates the custom iPage control board in the estimating.

Equipment arrangements are current and strong with multi-center Intel Xeon CPUs, RAID-1 reflected stockpiling, and a lot of RAM.

The devoted servers of iPage facilitating are astounding decisions and ought to fulfill most clients’ requirements. At a value that is entirely sensible, with a fairly interesting unconditional promise, the iPage facilitating plan for devoted servers is genuinely a high-esteem bargain.”

Appreciate all out control through b and CentOS
Overseen administrations, refreshes and all day, every day support
Broad security and reflected stockpiling
Save 20% your most memorable month by requesting today
More limits accessible with long haul plans
Get everything rolling on iPage now.
Unconditional promise
30 days
Plate Space
500 GB – 1 TB
Area Name
FREE (1 year)
Arrangement Time
6 minutes
iPage’s VPS Hosting (4.6/5.0)

Arrangement Time:

6 minutes
Begin »
“On the off chance that you are searching for a reasonable VPS facilitating arrangement and cPanel support, iPage offers an extraordinary arrangement. It’s ideally suited for those wise enough to realize they need VPS facilitating, yet who don’t have the opportunity or expertise to play with an independent framework. The organization’s overseen administrations backing will assist with establishment and normal issues connected with basics like Apache, MySQL, email, DNS, and numerous different projects.

High velocity, reflected SAN stockpiling is at the core of iPage’s cutting edge equipment. Each VPS plan accompanies semi-private assets and surefire memory. At the cost, the equipment specs offered are great.

The organization likewise offers exceptional all day, every day support, available through talk, email, or telephone. Unsurprising month to month costs come without use overage charges, which is perfect for developing locales. A 30-day unconditional promise is likewise standard.

For the expense and all the adaptability, elements, and security you need in a VPS have, iPage has superb equipment. While choosing an oversaw VPS have, you ought to feel sure checking these folks out.”

Incorporates cPanel, CentOS, and discretionary root access
High velocity reflected capacity and surefire RAM
Pre-introduced scripts: PHP, Perl, Python and Rails
Get 20% off your most memorable month when you join
More limits accessible with long haul plans

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