How to install Chia Blockchain on Ubuntu Linux

What is Chia coin?

Chia coin is a new cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, which aims to improve on a number of problems faced by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies alike. One of the biggest problems it aims to solve is the amount of computational work required to maintain the Bitcoin blockchain. Instead of using computational work invested in the block as proof of the block’s validity, Chia coin uses “proof of space and time”, where one has to use a large amount of empty space available to house a collection of cryptographic numbers called “plots”. The proof of time requires that there is a small amount of time passed between each block, which is implemented by a verifiable delay function (VDF) that only a few powerful servers (Timelords), thus reducing the amount of computational work.

How does one install Chia on an Ubuntu Desktop?

As of today, Chia has experimental installers for Linux available for download from their GitHub page –

Unless you are actively running on an ARM machine, you want to download the amd64 version. At the time of writing, the latest version is 1.1.5. Installing it is fairly simple. First open up the terminal and ensure you have the latest updates installed. This is recommended so that all the dependencies are in sync

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Then download the file –


And then simply use the following dpkg command to install it

dpkg -i chia-blockchain_1.1.5_amd64.deb

It should run out of the box without any issues, and you should find Chia Blockchian in your menu now. In case of any dependency issue, you can tell apt to try to fix the issue and install the dependencies by using the -f flag

sudo apt install -f

And you should be ready to go! Now you can start farming Chia on your Ubuntu Desktop! You should be able to open up and either create a new private key or import an existing one now!

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