FastComet Review (2022)

So you’ve been investigating web facilitating.

You’ve heard every one of the huge names and you’ve seen a lot of top ten records.

On the off chance that you’ve seen a rundown of the main ten facilitating choices, it’s basically impossible that you haven’t seen the name FastComet come up.

However, perhaps assuming you chose to Google around, you haven’t seen as many (if any) news stories including FastComet.

Indeed, nothing from a trustworthy source in any case.

All in all, obviously, you request yourself one from the most well-known inquiries of our age — is it genuine?

Well I have uplifting news (or terrible, in that more choices can go with your choice more troublesome): indeed, FastComet’s genuine!

As a matter of some importance, don’t be too put off by the absence of news stories. The greatest facilitating organizations might get a few notices in the news, yet greater generally means worse, even in the realm of facilitating.

As a matter of fact, as I would see it, it’s a demonstration of FastComet’s flexibility as a stage that it has figured out how to keep up with such a positive picture online without experiencing critical negative press from enormous sources.


You likewise get unmetered traffic come what may design you pick. This might be the same old thing, yet it sure is good to have everything for nothing.
And all of this is on the least expensive arrangement. More costly choices permit different sites, more SSD (strong state drive) space, and high level additional items like more RAM and limitless addon areas.
Whether you simply need a solitary site or are maintaining a flourishing independent company, these plans are a take.
Completely Managed VPS and Dedicated Hosting
For those with more-asset concentrated sites or see more significant levels of traffic (or both), FastComet offers an assortment of cloud VPS designs and committed facilitating choices.
Allow the Web To have Handle the Technical Details
The two kinds of facilitating are completely made due, so except if you need to introduce applications yourself or you are enthused about framework organization, you can simply sit back, unwind, and let FastComet handle the back-finish of your web facilitating for you.
In general, FastComet’s choices in this space not as jaw-droppingly loaded down with highlights as their common arrangement, yet they are still excellent decisions at mid-range costs.
Both cloud VPS and devoted facilitating bundles accompany a seven-day unconditional promise.
It’s important that a few additional items, similar to the free space for the existence of your administration and the Cloudflare CDN, are worldwide across all FastComet administrations. Not awful by any stretch of the imagination.
Cloud VPS Hosting
FastComet’s VPS facilitating isn’t exactly as a very remarkable take as their common facilitating, yet it’s as yet an incredible decision for medium-traffic sites. The cost is sensible (if not modest), and, surprisingly, the most minimal cost plan offers some really fair framework specs.
All FastComet VPS plans accompany SSD (strong state drives), which are a lot quicker than customary HDD drives (speed is of significance with regards to facilitating a business-related site).
Regardless of the plans being completely made due, you in all actuality do get root admittance to deal with managerial assignments without anyone else (however in the event that you are not keen on doing this, you don’t need to).
There are four distinct VPS facilitating plans from which you can pick, each shifting in the quantity of CPU centers, assignment of RAM and data transmission, and plate space you get.
FastComet can arrangement VPS servers in minutes, so you can begin chipping away at your site very quickly after you join with the organization.
FastComet groups the accompanying highlights with all VPS facilitating bundles:
cPanel Control Panel
Fast adaptability
Free reinforcements, rebuilding, and previews

1. Normal Speed of 708 ms
Close to uptime, speed is another significant component while picking a host. Not exclusively is a sluggish site a negative Google positioning element, yet your site’s traffic relies heavily on what amount of time it requires to stack. For instance, there’s a 32% skip rate likelihood on the off chance that your site page load time goes from one second to three seconds.

Fortunately FastComet conveyed strong speed throughout recent months, coming at a normal of 708 ms.

FastComet normal speed information
FastComet normal speed | See details
2. Quick, Personal Support
FastComet doesn’t keep down great words about its client support quality. They guarantee to have settled 83% of the issues in under 15 minutes in view of 10 000 help demands. Also, their client service is accessible day in and day out/365 by means of live talk, email, tagging, and telephone.

fastcomet support

We tried out their live visit choice.

We posed a basic specialized inquiry and the client rep associated with us in under a moment. His answers were learned and speedy and had a general constructive outcome.

fastcomet live talk

Other than every one of the previously mentioned choices, FastComet likewise has a huge information base.

3. Longer-Than-Usual Money-Back Guarantee
Can we just be look at things objectively with one another briefly:

Moving to a new facilitating organization can be troublesome. Truly – it’s problematic, compelling you to bring down an apparently decent site. It’s additionally tedious and actually risky.

So the last thing you maintain that should do is be compelled to move your host again on the grounds that you’re discontent with the one you picked (yet are presently gotten into a long haul, prepaid arrangement).

Luckily, FastComet will give you an entire 45 days to get your cash back. That implies you can evaluate their administration, or even twist up a test site as we did, and have north of a month to vet them.

This 45-day time frame is among the longest we’ve seen. It implies that FastComet is positive about the help they give.

4. Free Daily Backups
Like it or not, you will undoubtedly run into site issues that take steps to crash all the difficult work you’ve placed in. Remain in the game sufficiently long and it will undoubtedly happen to everybody.

However, no issue in the event that you’re on FastComet.

To start with, they offer free day to day reinforcements. That is practically unfathomable on modest, ‘esteem’ plans.
Second, they’ll store these reinforcements for you, securely off-site for up to 30 entire days.
What’s more, third – they’ll assist you with reestablishing more established variants of your site inside a solitary snap if necessary.

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