Author: Wolfhit

Abelohost Review by the hosting experts of Flaunt7. In 2012, Abelohost, an offshore hosting company, was formed. They provide world-class service to clients, including data privacy and security via dedicated servers. They rely on the concept of offshore hosting, which is described as storing data in a country other than your own, providing clients with […]

What is Chia coin? Chia coin is a new cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, which aims to improve on a number of problems faced by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies alike. One of the biggest problems it aims to solve is the amount of computational work required to maintain the Bitcoin blockchain. Instead of using computational work invested […]

Every new site today needs DMCA Ignored Hosting/DMCA Ignored VPS/DMCA Ignored Dedicated Server.  The need for DMCA Ignored Hosting is increasing each and everyday. This is due to the false and illegitimate use of DMCA! Many people believe that DMCA ignored hosting is used for hosting illegal content but that is not the truth.  We […]

In a press release FireEye revealed that probably some Russian hackers have used “novel techniques” to make off with its own tool kit, which could be used to launch new attacks around the world. The New York Times reports that “These are essentially digital tools that replicate the most sophisticated hacking tools in the world. FireEye […]