AltusHost Review (2022)

This AltusHost Hosting Review was overhauled and refreshed on November 22, 2018.
Getting the right facilitating accomplice is for sure testing now and again. In the event that you have still not found your right facilitating stage, why not actually take a look at AltusHost.

AltusHost is more well known in the European locale attributable to its more noticeable market presence in Europe when contrasted with different areas of the planet.

AltusHost carried out their facilitating administrations the initial time in 2008.

It has north of 10,000 clients around the world. While it isn’t broadly spread, yet it takes care of a critical lump of facilitating on the lookout.

Dominatingly one of the fundamental reasons, AltusHost is acquiring prevalence is its flexible facilitating administrations which accompany some out of the case and tweaked highlights.

Indeed, all things considered, AltusHost appears to be appealing with a couple of professionals and hardly any cons.

In this way, here I have chosen to give a full survey of AltusHost according to a client’s viewpoint.

I would begin this with the experts of utilizing AltusHost.

Remain tuned to find out about AltusHost.

AltusHost Review: Pros
AltusHost gives a decent to utilize highlights which very few of its rivals give.

This is one of the perspectives that makes it an outright choice to search for.

In this way, how about we begin and assess every one of these perspectives.

AltusHost Review: Speed and Uptime
With no misgivings, having the best speed is something that we all anticipate from our facilitating supplier.

Not a single one of us would wish to get deteriorated inferable from speed choking.

Here is a reprieve, on the off chance that you are stressed over AltusHost’s speed. Indeed, it’s quickly enough, as should be visible underneath.

reaction time

AltusHost gives a limitless month to month data transmission. The high velocity is contributed by utilizing the right engineering at the facilitating end. Each plan is SSD driven.

That is not all. There is another contributing element for the rapid.

It is the LiteSpeed Web server. LiteSpeed web server is multiple times quicker than an ordinary Apache web server.

This is all upheld with CloudFlare CDN which adds to giving better and better execution alongside high accessibility.

This guarantees AltusHost gives a decent uptime.

All center administrations are firmly observed to give elevated degrees of uptime. AltusHost ensures a 99.9% uptime for every one of its administrations.

AltusHost Review: Security and Reliability
Security is another perspective where AltusHost again is solid. At the fundamental level AltusHost gives free Let’s Encrypt SSL.

With security, it likewise guarantees to keep up with the unwavering quality of its facilitating administrations. AltusHost utilizes CloudLinux which guarantees no impeding CPU issues.

Foundation: “Altus who?” was the main imagined that entered my thoughts when this brand hove into view. However as I dug further and it turned out to be promptly evident that they were genuine – and truly focused on the web facilitating business. Having run over such countless US-based web facilitating organizations, it is fascinating to take note of that Europe has not totally surrendered. Truth be told, AltusHost starts from the Netherlands, a key server farm market in the eurozone. Part of the “Altus who?” response could have been brought about by that reality. Beside being based there, this host works out of just two server farms – both likewise situated in Europe. When I dove in further however, it appears to be really noteworthy.

Beginning Price: €5.56

Money: EU

Visit Online:

Survey Summary and Ratings

AltusHost has up to this point given me trust in the items they offer. Notwithstanding some criticizing to a great extent, I really accept that AltusHost offers serious areas of strength for a recommendation. Not exclusively are the plans accessible thoroughly examined, however their servers likewise show solid execution when taken in setting. This particularly applies to business clients.


It’s a quick and dependable host
A superb decision for Euro-designated traffic
Dependable accessibility of administration
Liberal asset distribution
Heaps of gifts
The ideal climate for all
Particular facilitating is accessible

LiteSpeed web server
Restricted reach
Suspect client assistance
Aces: What I Like About AltusHost
1. It’s a Fast And Reliable Host
AltusHost Bitcatcha speed test results
AltusHost speed test results are noteworthy
This comes right out at the top and is normally at the highest point of my “must-have” list. In the event that a web have can’t play out, every one of the elements and best valuing on the planet won’t save it from calamity. Fortunately, AltusHost isn’t one of those.

I’ve been keeping a symbolic test site on AltusHost and watching out for it. Up until this point, execution appears to be very amazing and it comes out tops in arbitrary speed tests. The BitCatcha speed test instrument regularly returns an A+ grade for them.

2. Superb Choice for Euro-designated Traffic
Constructing further on the speed results remark, site proprietors who are hoping to target eurozone traffic will be dazzled. Having server farms in a particular region doesn’t necessarily ensure better execution for neighboring guests.

On account of AltusHost, they show momentous reaction speeds in the area. The speed test hubs in London and Germany got this with reaction seasons of 10ms and under. In the event that you’re serving euro traffic, this is a profoundly suitable choice.

3. Dependable Availability of Service
AltusHost offers their clients a 99.9% uptime ensure which is satisfactory as an essential industry standard. Our own perception however is that the number simply fills in as a cushion zone for them – their administration quality far surpasses that.

AltusHost uptime October 2020): 100 percent
AltusHost uptime (October 2020): 100 percent
Over the course of the last 30-day time frame, I’ve seen no case of administration blackout even while checking them with mechanized devices. That implies in a real sense a 100 percent uptime over the latest period.

They’re additionally exceptionally straightforward about their server farm execution and accessibility. Assuming you dive into their insight base, they offer data that can assist you with running organization tests on both the server farms they work out of.

4. Liberal Resource Allocation
While taking a gander at most web facilitating plans, purchasers are commonly attracted to costs first – all things considered, that is ordinarily shown most noticeably. You truly ought to penetrate down to detail however since that is where you find what you get (or don’t get, by and large) at the cost.

AltusHost makes incredibly liberal portion of assets in any event, for their Shared plans, albeit these aren’t named accordingly. They call them Business plans and aside from the measly 20GB of extra room for the starter account, all the other things comes in spades.

For instance, you approach two CPU centers and 2GB of RAM on their most fundamental facilitating plan. This is viewed as better than expected contrasted with most shared facilitating.

5. Heaps of Freebies
Alongside the assets you get to utilize, AltusHost gives you other stuff for nothing also. This incorporates Let’s Encrypt SSL, day to day reinforcements, spam channel, email records, and, surprisingly, a web designer.

It ought to be noted

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